• Debbie Corum

An Audience with The King

Reading the book of Esther recently made me realize afresh, the power of prayer that moves the heart of God, which in turn changes the hearts of men. Through corporate prayer and fasting, Queen Esther gained an unauthorized audience with her king—and she lived. Haman’s deviously wicked campaign for the total destruction of all Jews in the Persian Empire backfired on him—and he died. An entire society was impacted. Lives were preserved because people came together with one mind and heart to petition God.

I am grateful that this remarkable gift of corporate prayer continues. Through partnering in prayer with Christ and His body of believers, hearts are still being changed. Those changed hearts are impacting whole societies and preserving lives. As wonderful as that is, the best is yet to come. The Day of Pentecost outpouring was just the beginning of what was spoken by the prophet Joel. God has yet to pour out His Spirit on all flesh—a multitude too great to even number from among every nation, tribe, people and language, all praising Him at His throne. [i]

I’m especially grateful, after reading Esther’s story, for God’s remarkable gift of a personal audience with the King of all kings. No law prohibits us from entering His inner courts. We need not wait for Jesus to summons us, or blanch at someone’s brash suggestion that we waltz right into His presence unannounced. We don’t need to fast beforehand (lest we perish) or hold our breath till He extends His golden scepter or walk on eggshells in hopes that He will listen to our requests, much less answer them.

Grace ensures that His scepter is extended. Our bold entrance is favorably received, even encouraged. Interaction with Him is intimately personal. Time with Him is limitless, unrestrained, and continual. Our voices are heard. Our requests are welcomed and fulfilled. [ii]

No wonder we enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise! [iii] We just can't help it.

[i] Acts 2:16–21; Revelation 7:9 [ii] Ephesians 1:7; Hebrews 4:16; Romans 10:10; Ephesians 2:13; Philippians 3:8; Matthew 28:20; Matthew 7:7–11 [iii] Psalm 100:4

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