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Happy New Year!

I had to chuckle when the Lord brought to mind a former conversation He and I had. It was a brief one, more than likely instigated by some intimidating challenge I was facing. Impactful enough that I recorded it on the front page of my Bible.

Me: “Need I remind You, Lord, of the weak and faulty material You’re working with here?”

Him: “Need I remind you, Debra, of My power at work in and through that weak and faulty material of yours?”

May the year 2022 find you and I immersed in the excellency of knowing and experiencing Christ Jesus. [i] May the weaknesses we think disqualify us, become the very home base from which God’s immeasurable and unlimited power operates—transforming our professions of faith into active God-with-us, Christ-in-us, Holy Spirit-upon-us reality.

Have a Happy and Power Packed New Year!

[i] Philippians 3:8 [ii] 2 Corinthians 12:9; Matthew 1:23; Romans 8:10; Acts 1:8; Isaiah 61:1

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