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Isn't That Just Like the Devil

I was on my way to Animal Emergency with my sick cat when out of the blue came this disturbing line of thinking; “He’s fifteen years old. Cats don’t live much longer than that—not your cats anyway. Time to let him go.”

Needless to say, I was floored. Let Spanky go? Why, I’d had the little rascal since he was a kitten. He was my all-time favorite!

“Yeah, it’s downhill from here. Look at the old guy. Why even pray? He’s suffering.”

I stole a tearful glance inside Spanky's carrier. He was clearly in a bad way.

By the time I reached the next mile marker, my hopes of getting any help for him were dashed, my prayers were silenced, and my hairy buddy, well, let’s just say he was as good as six feet under.

Isn’t that just like the devil to use facts and logical reasoning to derail our faith? I had allowed the enemy of my soul to barge right into my thoughts without so much as a 'Hi, how are ya?'. He sucker-punched me with his whispers, and I accepted defeat without putting up a fight. No resisting his attempt to steal from me? No standing in the gap for my cat’s failing health? I just gave up without giving God a chance. Why?

Because the facts made sense . . . and because I thought I already knew God’s answer. After all, Spanky is old. His temperature had been high for days. Doctors were puzzled. Those were the facts. Though normally healthy, this did make his third trip to the vet in four days. In all practicality, it was looking like the little guy was soon to leave this world.

As with all things, God intended to teach me a deeper lesson through this thankfully short-lived, (and perhaps to others) insignificant experience. Decades ago, I heard a woman describe the difference between fact and truth. The exact scripture texts she used to support her teaching are long gone, but what remains is—God’s truth prevails over facts. It is vital to our faith that we remember that. Somewhere along the way, I had forgotten.

The indisputable fact was, my fifteen-year-old cat was sick as a dog. With what, we didn’t know yet. But he clearly wasn’t doing well by the looks of him. Our numerous trips seeking medical help were also quite factual (verified by our car’s diminishing fuel gauge and our increasing vet bills).

The truth was, is, and always will be—nothing is impossible for God (Luke 1:37). He delivers. He saves. He heals (even when the recipient is four-legged instead of two). Whatever trials and scenarios we face, whatever facts the enemy throws our way, our victories are won by faith in God’s truth regarding that particular matter (1 John 5:4)—not by trying to second guess Him or by using human logic and reasoning. Maybe that's why God says, Come let us reason together . . . (Isaiah 1:18). Because He knows reasoning won't cut it.

How many times has the enemy silenced our prayers because the fact of the matter was, things looked bleak? Or we second guessed God because that sick person was too old, that wayward son/daughter/husband/wife was too far gone, or our finances almost nil?

What about America? My thoughts always come back around to that subject. The plethora of disturbing facts say we’re going down the tubes once and for all. Are we too far gone to be revived? Should Christians just hunker down and wait for Jesus' final return, come what may? Each of us need to get ahold of God’s truth. What He says about that (or anything), is what will keep our faith strong and our prayers fueled.

By the way . . . Spanky is home, and he's back to his healthy little rascal self. God is good.

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Fear is always what the devil is going for, Great share.





Joyce Meyer



Yes, it is SO like the father of LIES!! God was speaking directly to me about my kitty, Hadassah, who is 13 & has FIV, the counterpart to human HIV. She has been sick again & my thoughts go to it is time to let her go, even though that would break my heart. Our son, Joseph has laid hands & even anointed her & sure enough, she gets better. PRAYER TIME!!

Thank you for sharing & giving me a reminder as well as a heart of HOPE & FAITH!! Many Blessings, precious Woman of God!!

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