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Spring Has Sprung

Spring’s temperamental and often cantankerous weather never frightened me in my childhood years. Probably because our house was the designated refuge for neighbors on account of us having the only basement. While dads gathered on our front lawn like sentinels watching the ominous dark clouds, and moms pooled storm supplies and battened down the hatches, us kids—me, my siblings, and my bestest buddies—were tucked away in a long cedar closet in one corner of our basement. Storm? What storm? We were nestled among pillows and blankets. We had our little flashlights and bookoo toys. Our snacks. We were at peace because we were safe.

I can’t help but think back on those days as we enter this Spring of 2021. It will more than likely bring with it its usual mixed blessing. Springtime is the season when perennials awaken from their winter rest, when buds appear and new life springs forth. Our Iris’s shot up overnight. Before we know it, the grass will need mowing. Wild toms are fanned out, strutting their stuff before coy hens. In no time little poults will arrive on the scene.

Springtime also ushers in Spring rains, window-rattling thunder, 50,000° F-charges of electricity splitting the sky, tempestuous winds, and for us Midwestern folk, funnel clouds. How appropriate that at such a time as this I should come across Psalm 29 (The Song of the Thunderstorm) in my daily Bible reading.

As with natural storms, heavenly-appointed spiritual storms are upon us as well. God is making an unprecedented entrance into the earthly scene in these last days. Our God of glory is thundering. His judgments are going forth. His powerful voice strikes darkness’s domain, exposing depravity and sin, ripping it wide open like it split the darkness in the beginning of time. God’s glorious voice booms in the chaos. Let there be light (Genesis 1:1–3). And there is light. The wilderness quakes as enemy strongholds are rendered powerless. Demons shudder. God’s enemies tremble; they know their time is short. The pride and glory of self-sufficient ones are stripped bare. The LORD sat as King over the deluge (the flood in the days of Noah); the LORD [still] sits as King forever (Psalm 29:10).

Midst booms of thunder and fierce flashes of lightning, the heavens and earth come into alignment. Creation holds its breath as a fresh sense of awe in their Creator sweeps over it. It is time to give God glory, to acknowledge His authority, His greatness . . . and our dependency upon Him.

In the stormy blast, the Word of the Lord goes forth (2 Thessalonians 3:1). It hits its mark on human hearts. This is indeed the Savior of the world (John 4:42)! Sinners come to repentance and new life springs up. The church hears God’s voice afresh and is awakened (Hebrews 3:15). She rediscovers her refuge in His Name (Proverbs 18:10). She is at peace because she is safe.

Springtime has surely sprung. Praise be to God! Glory! to the King.

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26 mar 2021

Revival is coming😀

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