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Time Waits for No Man

Time waits for no man. That’s what they say, and I am inclined to agree. I can get in such a dither when distractions crop up like dandelions in peak season to disrupt my days. Requirements and expectations crack their whip. Next thing I know, it’s nightfall and I’ve plum run out of steam. Those extra moments I wanted to spend in prayer with the Lord or give to that person needing encouragement, must be bumped to tomorrow because I lost my race against time.

Meanwhile, the great I AM, Creator of the reaches of space and the ages of time, waits for us. The One who exists outside of time, stepped into our fleeting time on earth, not so we might think of Him from time to time or squander our time on lesser things. He showed at the appointed time, to offer us the opportunity to experience, at all times, the joy of knowing Him in these treacherous end times before He returns in the nick of time to set things right.[i]

He then commissions us to tell others who are living on borrowed time, that their time is short.[ii] They too need to accept the gracious offer to know this timeless One who longs to spend time with them before their window of time on earth closes for good.

Lord, our lives are every bit the wisp of vapor, the puff of smoke You said they are. Having been forewarned of these difficult days, don’t let us put off what needs to be done. The clock is ticking. Help us to bump up our prayers. Empower us as we commune with You. Cause us to shine before men like never before as we do the work You called us to do. For after all, time waits for no man.[iii]

Photo by Sonja Langford on Unsplash



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Jun 24

That is so true god bless you auntie and praise be to our Lord and savior 🥰🌞

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