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I Am the Resurrection

Lazarus, four days in the tomb, was dead, stinky dead.[i]

The son of a grieving widow, borne by pallbearers to his final resting place, was also dead.[ii] 

A youth named Eutychus, snoozing in a third story window, fell to his death.[iii]

One thief hanging on the cross next to Jesus was about to cross the threshold of death.[iv] 

The man Legion was out of his mind, streaking helter-skelter among the dead.[v]

An adulterous woman, facing hostile stares from her accusers, was on the brink of death.[vi] 

An invalid man, crippled with self-pity at the Pool of Bethesda, was wishing for death.[vii]

The disciple Stephen, the bullseye of a religious stone-throwing mob, was oblivious to death.

But God is not the God of the dead; He is God of the living. Jesus embraced the kiss of death, and died to remove the sting of death, before ascending into heaven victorious over death, so we might be delivered from the fear of death and not be hurt by the second death. [viii]

Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die.[ix]


HAPPY RESURRECTION DAY to all of you who have taken time these last 3+ years to read my many musings, and to bless me with your hearts and encouraging comments (with little acknowledgment in return from me). I love you all very much and I thank the Lord for you. I pray that His resurrection power enables you to live your victorious life in Him to the fullest!

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Apr 03

I love seeing your writings and I really love this one. I saw something recently when I was watching a sermon, about Jesus telling the women at the tomb to go tell his brethren not disciples and that it was the first time He had done so and it was after resurrection.


Mar 29

Happy Resurrection Day to you! Amazing power of God promises that we (those of us that believe) are alive in heaven right now waiting for Jesus to return so all He did in his death and resurrection will be manifest as we watch!

Love you Debbie and thank you for your faithfulness!


Mar 29

Thanks Debbie! Love your writings and appreciate so much your years of steadfastness!

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