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Just a Heads Up

With all the serious issues going on these days, we need a moment here and there to lighten up. I do anyway. Thus, I am about to add some For The Dog Lover posts on my blog site.

These will not replace my inspirational posts (which will, by God's grace, continue weekly), but will be random and are intended to hopefully add a smile or two to dog-lovers lips.

It has been my joy to share with you weekly what is on my heart. Thank you for taking the time to read. And it will be my pleasure to introduce to you my Maggie Tales. I hope you enjoy!



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Jun 27, 2020

I am looking forward to reading your Maggie tails. I love my dogs and love to hear stories about other people's dogs. Nothing like my coming home from work and having my dogs meeting me at the end of the drive with the frisbee.


Jun 18, 2020

Good idea

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